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Nabakishore Chanda - Artist From India

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Nabakishore Chanda indian artist

Nabakishore Chanda indian artist

Nabakishore Chanda indian artist


Media - Watercolurs, Acrylic, Mix Media, Oil
Address - E1/5 Sudakshina estate(B), Kolkata-700047, West Bengal, India
Phone - 919433119536
Email -
Website -

My childhood days were spent in rural Bengal amidst various hardships, it was a struggle to carry on my studies and so there was no question of any formal training in painting. But the resplendence of colours that life unfolds in the varied canvases of experience had entrenched a deep facination in my mind. I was and still am enrapture with the element and primordial forces that lie nascent and unchanging even as the world around us shifts from one hue to the other. For me therefore, the figure of woman in all her splendour and subduedness has remined the predominant influence in life as well as art-in the simple aspects of her daily life, in her raging anger and benevolence as witnessed through folk tales, mythology and other sources. The complex and gyrating lines in my paintings are a symbolic quest for this primeval force embedded in her. I have tried to capture her in various moods-of rapturous contentment or desolation, as a mother figure or as blushful maiden and so on, emphasizing in all these varying panegyrics the mystery of life that surreptitiously keeps writing its own story of creation. | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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