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Maeve Dewar - South African Artist

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south african artist Maeve Dewar

south african artist Maeve Dewar

south african artist Maeve Dewar

Media - Watercolours
Phone - +27 28 316 2111
Email -
Website -

“If I could reach and soften each and every soul whose eyes and hearts glance at my work and also create an awareness of things unseen – a mindfulness of all of life, I will have achieved my life’s work and purpose.

I squeeze the colour onto the canvas. A burst of energy comes to life! Everything I do is guided. I flow. I move the paint around, I brush; and when this flow of energy is over; that’s when I am done. Sometimes it might mean going back a number of times before a work is completed. Colour, for me, is a purpose-driven-movement.

My technique of water colour is my unique creation, crafted passionately over the last 10 ten years. It continues to be an evolution and a journey of personal expression. I don’t know of anybody who does water colours the way I do. I place colour upon colour upon colour. I take away and then I put back.

It’s an approach that eventually creates a layered feel and mysterious holographic movement within. From certain angles different images appear; and in different light others can be seen, often not all seen at first glance. My work is a journey of discovery that I hope, will touch your soul and awaken your inner voice.” | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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