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Photography by Artists from the United Kingdom

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United Kingdom Artists - Photography

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Julien HayeJulien HAYE - United Kingdom Artist, Photography
I use Photography as a mean to document my life in London and discoveries whilst travelling. I love architecture and use photography to give various perspective on stunning buildings and other human creations. I tend to be naturally attracted by perspective and lines...

Timothy HEALY - United Kingdom Artist, Photography
Local pictures are the best way to describe what I do on the site. Landscapes of parks and sky lines mainly...

Simon BIRTALL - United Kingdom Artist, Oil Painting, Watercolours, Acrylics, Mixed Media, Photography
Paintings in an Impressionistic technique in acrylics or oils on canvas. Fine art landscapes with striking contrasts of light and shadow. Portraits from photographs - commission paintings or drawings of family or friends. Illustration work has featured on book covers, greetings cards, advertisements, magazines and food packaging...

Cary CHARLES - United Kingdom Artist, Oil painting, Photography, Charcoal & Chalk, Mixed Media
Works tend to feature extremes and exaggerations of contrast, colour and shape. The current 'Luminous London' series includes drawn, painted and photographic works and celebrates dramatic plays of light within the capital. Styles continuously evolve, but focus tends to be upon personal sensation and perception, memory and excitory heightening of the senses...

Dawn DAVIES - United Kingdom Artist, Pastels, Watercolour, Photoshop, Photography
I am a new artist who has been lucky to have been offered a book full of my original art and poems, out end of september 2009, I do so hope you like my art, great to meet you in advance...

Amanda DEADMAN - United Kingdom Artist, Acrylic on Canvas, Watercolour & Photography
From an early age Amanda showed a talent and interest in painting and
drawing and very quickly became proficient at most techniques, studying art, ceramics, textiles, design and photography from the age of eleven. She completed her art foundation year at Portsmouth Art College and then went on to gain a Bachelor of Arts degree in 3D Design, (Glass & Photography) at West Surrey College of Art and Design...

Bertrand GADAL - United Kingdom Artist, Printed Media on Canvas
Bertrand Gadal offers an online gallery store of portraits.  The subject matter includes men and women in different poses.  Photographic print media on stretched canvas or gloss paper...

Michael GUNN - Artist From United Kingdom, Oil Painting, Watercolours, Photography
Surrealist artist from the United Kingdom...

Andrew MABEN - United Kingdom Artist, Digital, Photography
As a young man I fell under the spell of the Impressionists and of J. M. W. Turner, and while all my work has its basis in photography, I seek to emulate their evocations of beauty and color by digitally manipulating images to (I hope) arrive at an aesthetic effect born in what was, perhaps, a simpler time, through the extraordinary power and sophistication of the computer...

Joseph WESTRUPP - United Kingdom Artist, Photography
I'm a New Zealander by birth, and spent all of my life there up till the age of 30. At that point, I moved my life over to England where I've been living since. I love my new home. Compared to New Zealand, England makes the rest of the world very accessible...

Elizabeth WILSON - United Kingdom Artist, Photography, Digital Art
Elizabeth Wilson (known as Lib) was born in Scarborough, North Yorkshire in 1984. From an early age she showed an interest in all aspects of art and design. Every spare minute was spent drawing, painting, writing, creating craft items, and later on, taking photographs.

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