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Marta Garcia - Artist From The United States

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Marta Garcia united states artist

Marta Garcia united states artist

Marta Garcia united states artist

Marta Garcia united states artist

Media - Photography
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"In my day to day life as a freelance journalist photographer. I'm privilege to enter a very wide range of peoples lives (or the human condition). On any given day I could be visiting with a child dying of leukemia who was just granted a wish from the "Make a wish foundation" or photographing an International CEO . From migrant factory workers to� the birth of a child or covering stories on prostitution and events in the underground subcultures,��a�bride and groom at the start of their new life to senators and yes even leaders of the free world.

This work brings together my life experiences with the people that have been closest to me or simply if even for a brief moment in meeting changed the course of my life.

For me art is a platform from which to speak, but not to tell you something. I give you the platform from which to think and debate- because ultimately, for me, art does not reside in the object, picture, painting or film, it resides in what is said about the object and what is debated about it. For me its a lot easier to ask the world why things are the way they are than to answer why I make things the way I make them. Maybe the way I make things is a way to answer for myself why things are the way they are or rather to construct a different world. I'm not presenting a conclusion rather inviting you to come in and experience something which will hopefully present some questions- about your own viewpoint and your own conclusions.

All of this work is based on experiences all profound to me. However long or short their timespan. These memories or experiences are those neatly filed away in a scrap book or even that flower you keep pressed in the pages of your favorite book.

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